New vision paves the way of the future for agency operations

Knight Frank Australia has a new vision based on partnership, integrity, and prosperity, evolving the ‘big agency’ model to serve our clients’ best interests.

In July this year, Knight Frank Australia launched a new company vision: “Partnership, Integrity, Prosperity”. The launch followed the firm’s June announcement of its new partnership structure, which evolved the leadership team in line with the global firm with all Senior Directors, Group Directors, Service Line Leaders and Managing Directors becoming ‘Partners’ as of 1 July 2018.

Stephen Ellis, Knight Frank Australia’s Partner and Chief Executive Officer, said, “The local vision is very much aligned with our UK business, which has a demonstrated track record proving the partnership structure is a key appointment, recruitment and retention tool. We believe that we can fundamentally serve our clients in a much better way through our new and unique model of operating.

“While Knight Frank’s global statements of ‘Connecting People & Property Perfectly,’ and ‘Locally Expert, Globally Connected’ remain true and relevant, in an effort to capture the Australian spirit of challenging the status quo, the task was undertaken to redefine the local vision.”

Mr Ellis said that Knight Frank’s partnership structure and now, the new vision, amplifies the firm’s strengths and differentiates us from our competitors.

“We have always held a distinctive position in the market as the only global, privately-owned real estate provider, and we now have an opportunity to build on this with the leadership united in mutual accomplishment and entrepreneurial focus.

“Knight Frank has moved away from the ‘big agency’ model of operating, where property agents are driven by individual success. Instead we are united together through the partnership structure towards prosperity on every level – not just financially – for our clients, colleagues and the firm. We believe that the traditional agency model must evolve to serve our clients’ best interests,” he said.

According to Knight Frank’s Partner and Chief Operating Officer, Aaron McGhee, “Knight Frank is founded on the values of genuine partnership and the highest standards of integrity. These values have made us one of the world’s most respected global property brands.

“With 122 years of delivering service excellence to our clients, what it means to be Knight Frank is far more than just the strength of individuals.

“Our approach to collaboration and teaming has always existed as a core differentiator when compared to our competitors and now, more than ever, this becomes vital as our clients seek out trusted guidance that caters for the full spectrum of property needs.

“We don’t aspire to be the biggest, yet we do aspire to create an extraordinary culture underpinned by enduring and authentic partnerships,” said Mr McGhee.

David Howson, Partner and Head of Office Leasing, Australia at Knight Frank said that the new vision allows a greater alignment between Knight Frank and our clients. When you consider the words in deeper content it certainly provides a clear direction around behaviours and values in order for all parties to prosper.